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Our Policy Concerning Radiographs (X-Rays) 

Why we need radiographs - Radiographs are the only way to diagnosis bone loss, caries (cavities) between teeth, and root tip infections that require endodontic (root canal) treatment.  Often we can see small problems with radiographs and treat them before it becomes a more significant one.
What are our guidelines -  We base our decision to take radiographs on the recommendations of the American Dental Association, and the standard of care as defined in the United States as well as Florida.
If your concerned about the radiation exposure - We use a digital radiography system which uses a much lower dose of radiation than the tradational film based system.  As a result we have significantly reduced the exposure to our patients.  In addition the digital system allows us to magnify the images and more clearly see problems thus aiding our ability to diagnos.
What we need to establish yourself as a patient -To establish yourself as a patient of Mulberry Dental we need to have a current full mouth series of radiographs.  If you have a copy from your previous dentist they need to have been taken within the past five (5) years and be of diagnostic quality.  If the copy is blurred or of poor quality we will need to take a new set.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  All copies of radiographs must be at the office no later than 72 hours prior to your appointment.  If they are not at our office we will reschedule the appointment to a later date or take a new set of radiographs at your appointment.

What if I need copies of my X-Rays -  We will provide you with a copy of your radiographs shortly after receiving your request.  As a matter of privacy protection we require all requests to be made in writing, or in person.  The perferred method for transmitting copies of your radiographs is to e-mail them directly to your e-mail account or your new dentist. If you require a hard copy we can print one however the quality is not as good as the digital version.

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